State of FLOW Wallpaper A

Colour combination A is the original design and full of power. It very clearly divides the 4 main patterns with contrast colours

StOF Wallpaper consists of 8 designs; 4 main and 4 hybrids. You can use the whole range but also make a calmer look with 2 or 3 designs.

Connect 2 or more designs by using hybrids.

The hybrid Rose/Wave A is used to connect Rose A and Wave A (see image above)

Rose is detailed and feminin on the pastel turqoise background colour. When mixing it with the hybrid Rose/Wave and continue over to Wave the pattern is broken into circles of bright yellow and red.  It creates a very dramatic look with beautiful bold colour combinations.

8 designs merge together

With a merging wallpaper like State of Flow, it’s possible to create space within space!