State of FLOW wallpaper is a collection in transition.

It consists of 8 designs; 4 main and 4 hybrids. The main designs can be used as any other tradiotionally wallpaper, to cover a full wall or room in one pattern. The special about State of FLOW wallpaper is that all the 8 patterns match together like puzzle pieces and can therefore be merged together like a piece of wall art.

You can also choose to use less matching patterns and colour coordinate your interior. The patterns and colours are powerfull and very different put next to each other. But that is exactly what makes the collection complete, it’s own flowing contrasts.

3 colourways

Colours help describe an athmosphere, a personal space. State of Flow Wallpaper comes in 3 colour combinations:

A, B, C.

A: Bright

Colour combination A is the original design and full of power. It very clearly divides the 4 main patterns with contrast colours.

B: Subtle greys

Colour combination B is subtle and sofisticated. It is more fluid with the continues grey throughout the collection. The dark blue and dusty green compliments the greys beautifully.

Golden splendor

Colour combination C is pure golden! Top of the top of going all in. So if you like gold, this one is definately for you. Gold print on the soft white background is a perfect match.


We have wallpapers in many homes and public places around the world. If you are interested in our products, contact us or a shop/interior architect near you and we are ready to help you find the perfect solution.